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Automatic Transmission Products

Role of the torque converter

  • Multiplies torque generated by the engine.
  • Serves as an automatic clutch which transmits engine torque to the transmission.
  • Absorbs torsional vibration of the engine and drivetrain.
  • Smoothes out engine rotation.
  • Drives the oil pump of the hydraulic control system.

Clutch Assemblies

Role of clutch assemblies


  • Holds two rotating components together so that they turn in the same direction at the same speed.



  • Hold planetary components to the transmission case so they cannot turn in either direction.
  • Can also be used to hold a one-way clutch race to provide an additional state of one-way clutch operation.


One-way Clutches:

  • Holds planetary components locked in one direction for allowing free rotation in the opposite direction.


Role of the carrier

  • Carriers are made up of gears.
  • Gears create the different ratios that allow the vehicle to accelerate from a stop.
  • The low gears that allow the vehicle to get moving are called “Underdrive Ratios” and are greater than 1
  • Gears also improve fuel economy by turning the engine slower at high speeds.
  • The high gears that allow low RPMs on the highway are called “Overdrive Ratios” and are less than 1
  • Many different types of gears can be used, but most automatic transmissions use Planetary Gear sets.

Valve Body

Role of the valve body

  • The Valve body is the “Brain” of the A/T.
  • It signals gear changes by sending ATF to the various clutches and brakes.
  • It does this by changing the oil pressure in different circuits.

Oil Pump

Role of the oil pump

  • Provide fluid to lubricate the planetary gear set.
  • Provide continuous fluid to the torque converter
  • Provide a volume of fluid to the clutches and brakes.
  • Supply operating pressure to the hydraulic control system.
  • Provide support for the torque converter stater (stator reaction shaft) as well as the front planetary gear set.

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